My expensive Takamine took a back seat to Pete Costantino's cheesy Yamaha for recording The Magic Kingdom.
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How YOU doin'?
Up against the wall!  Getting frisked at the Disc Recording Studio in Warren, MI.  I was framed I tell ya!!
Once again at WJR, 760 AM for the Mitch Albom Show.  Mark Farner of Grand Funk was the special guest, and we jammed live on the air!  Wouldn't you know it, at AM stations you can only take black & white photos!
Great music for less than a bottled water!
During a session at Tempermill Studio in Ferndale, Nolan Mendenhall, producer of Opie's Dream CD - No More Time - seen violating my Gibson ES-135.  A finger in the F hole....sounds pretty kinky, eh?
Great music for less than a bottled water!
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I'm in my own bubble at the Ferndale Art Fair!
The genius  on the left is none other than world famous bassist extraordinaire, Jeff Berlin.  He made a billion offers for my Gibson ES-135.  A kidney donation maybe, my axe never!!
Sportin' some pretty wierd shorts at the Westland Festival.  Well it was hot out.
Hangin' Out With Paw Paw
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Here are some videos of songs from Mark's upcoming "Farewell Old
Familiar" album.  Double-click them to watch in full screen mode!
Heaven Right Now
The Mutant Curse
The Lily Pad is Mark's personal studio.  It's available for project/overdub work, editing, mixing, etc...  A cozy little digital environment!