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It was Randy Bachman's killer lick on the Guess Who's song "No Time" that inspired Mark Meisel to mow lawns and
shovel snow in order to earn enough money to buy his first guitar.  From that point on he was never without one.   Mark
holed himself up in his mother's basement working out the intricacies of songs by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Todd
Rundgren, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, and an endless list of other luminaries from all over the musical
spectrum.  If rock was the bait, then jazzy rock was the hook.  Once Mark had been exposed to Frank Zappa and Steely
Dan he understood that there was a much broader pallete to draw from which could still rock, but had a sophistication
far beyond the average pop chart.  If Mark was never without his guitar, he was almost never without a pencil and a
notepad.  Any random thought that would pass through his consciousness was written down.  These mental
meanderings became the bedrock of a song writing style that continues to this day.  The style might be called
"intelligent acoustilectric pop".

Mark did the normal rounds with the local bands growing up in metro Detroit, then as a member of his ships band "Any
Port In A Storm" while he served aboard the USS Saipan as an electronics technician in the US Navy.  Mark's military
career finished up with a stint in Naples, Italy, where he decided to stay and form a touring band called "Common
Ground", which was comprised of himself and several Italian musicians .   After two years traveling Europe with the
band, Mark was homesick, having been away for ten years and returned to the United States.  He worked with numerous
Detroit bands during this period, notably Sweet Freedom, Pop-Life, and The Motor City Squares.  

As a founding member of award winning Detroit band Opie's Dream, Mark helped color Detroit's music scene
throughout the 1990's. His collaboration with Pete Costantino yielded the much acclaimed "No More Time" album,
which was honored by the Motor City Music Foundation with a nomination for a Detroit Music Award.

Mark Meisel's latest batch of song-stories, "Farewell Old Familiar", will leave you satisfied from head to toe. The album is
a collection of vignettes painted from a broad pallet, to suit every mood. Mark's potent guitar stylings and earthy,
smoothly-gruff voice, meld with his skillfully crafted lyrics, to put the listener in the action.  From the driving pulse of
"Gonna Be Me", to the honky tonk strains of "The Mutant Curse", Mark Meisel will keep you moving, grooving, and
certainly riveted by his thought provoking sketches of life here on Earth.

When he's not writing or recording his own material, M
ark works with talented independent artists helping them to create
great music in his role as producer with
Counter Clockwise Music.  
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